Some business-minded animal-lovers have built a business round health and wellness for pets. What a lovely retirement business idea. In retirement you may have more time to spend with your own pet, and other pet owners. After all – have you noticed how much more often people talk to you when you’re walking your dog than when you’re walking alone?

You may not be ready for retirement yet, but this is a business you can start and just run in your spare time. As long as you are placing regular orders for yourself (yes – we have a shop for humans too) or your pet, you can watch the business grow – until you decide to make it a full-time business.)

Click here to view the all natural health and wellness products shop for pets

But even if you are not looking for any extra income, you can still open a business account to save yourself some money and buy the products at wholesale price.  Who knows – when you chat with other pet-lovers, they may ask you where they can buy the products that are keeping your dog in such good shape.

Here’s the health and wellness business information.

As well as the health and wellness for pets shop above, you will also receive (at no cost) a shop where you can buy and sell products for humans! They are family too 🙂

Health and Wellness Products For Pets

Why might this be an interesting business opportunity?

Well… many pet owners now want to use health and wellness products for pets, so that our much loved 4-legged family members stay in tip-top health. Pets are family too!

They feel it’s far better to focus on your dog’s health than to end up with costly bills from your veterinarian, because you are using pharmaceutical grade products that may be straining their kidneys and liver?

When animals are in pain they can’t tell us about any pain they are suffering so the first time it becomes obvious could be when they become lame, or the disability shows.

On my shop I have products that may help them before any discomfort is too great (click the link for full details of the product):

…. check out the products in my shop that may help

Click here to view our all natural health and wellness products for pets

Products as Special as your Pet

Here’s why you can be sure of the quality of our products. They are:

Look through the products and when you are ready to place an order for more than $60, I can give you one of a very limited number of $25.00 discount codes for your first order. My ‘pet and human’ shops have over 50 products under $30.00.

Contact me here for your gift card (BEFORE you pay). quoting your name and account number.

The products are shipped from the USA to most countries in the world. Please note that shipping internationally can take 4-5 weeks and if sales tax is not charged as you make your order you may have to pay it at the point of delivery. (Although there have been occasions when no local tax charge has been made for my own deliveries – so you may get lucky!)

There’s a loyalty discount for regular customers – but you only have to make purchases when you want to. You don’t have  to hold stock or anything like that.

You are welcome to share this article with your friends who may be interested in our health and wellness products for pets (and humans!) Or in starting a health and wellness products business for pets.

Click here to view the shop for our all natural health and wellness products for pets

You are welcome to share this article with your friends who may be interested in our health and wellness products for pets (and humans!)