About Me

About Joy HealeyWelcome to my site about retirement business opportunities. I hope you’ll find it interesting and helpful. I’m Joy Healey and I live in the beautiful city of Norwich in the UK.

Why I Am Working Online

If I were a ‘normal’ sort of person, I would be retired by now. I’m well past conventional retirement age for my country, and most of my friends are already retired, and living the dream that they’ve worked hard for.

But – no – I have to be different!

Well, first of all, I was so wedded to my work (as a computer programmer) that I never imagined I would want to retire. I can still see my accountant sitting with me in my office telling me I really ought to start saving for a pension. That was when I was in my 30s and I just dismissed his advice. I was self-employed, in a young and exciting industry, and the world was my oyster. I was sure to be a millionaire and living the life of my dreams, independently wealthy, long before I was ready to retire.

Well, of course, fast forward 15 years, with my career having been interrupted by the birth and ‘bringing up’ of two wonderful sons, being a millionaire hadn’t QUITE gone according to plan. So my accountant suggested I get a retirement income projection from the government and I was more than depressed to discover that the state didn’t have plans to keep me in the luxury I had rather hoped for.

So rather reluctantly I agreed to buy a pension plan. I’m pretty risk-averse so I chose one of the supposed darlings of the UK pension industry and started grudgingly saving into it.

Then Disaster Struck

There was some financial scandal, the pensions firm went bust, and took with it most of my savings. (Years down the line the government recovered some proportion of it for me, but not all.) The overall effect was that my savings pot was much smaller than it had been, AND I stopped saving again in a haze of mistrust of the pensions industry.

But I confidently still expected that I would never want to retire anyway, and if I ever did, I’d have made my fortune by then.

A few years forward and further disaster. My husband and business partner left me and the business for greener pastures and without his input into the business there wasn’t enough to support my comfortable life-style, let alone keep me in riches!

So – I took part-time work with a firm in the Financial Services industry, and finally there I was helped to set up a safe enough pension scheme – but I was within 2 years of retirement age, so it was rather too little too late.

Although the monthly cash from that pension arrives and is most welcome, it’s never going to keep me in wealth without me earning extra income.

Never Want To Retire?

So what happened to me never wanting to retire anyway?

Well, of course it was one thing to be a workaholic when all my friends were still working – but once they retired in comfort on their generous pensions, somehow their lifestyle seemed far more attractive than my own frenzy of hustling for more work all the time.

So I decided I needed to increase my retirement income – and working online, with digital information products, seems the best way to do it.

  • I can work the hours I want
  • No need to buy stock
  • No need to employ staff – maybe the occasional freelancer
  • I can do it from the comfort of my own home

Why Am Helping People Find Retirement Business Opportunities

I want to warn people not to make the same mistakes as I did – which was to be totally unprepared financially for retirement.

While ‘I’m not starving in a garret’, I see no prospect of being able to retire to the comfortable lifestyle I’d like to enjoy, without continuing to generate income from some alternative sources. That’s fine – but I know for a fact that my largest source of income comes from a firm that has registered the fact that their sizeable company is reliant on a computer system that’s only known to a ‘one-person’ business – me! Understandably they’ll be looking to replace me with their own team, so I need to replace that income.

While I’m doing that, I can share my experiences and learning along the way. It’s not totally altruistic because as an affiliate for many of the ‘vetted’ products and service I recommend, I will earn a small commission, at no extra charge to the purchaser.

I can help two categories of people:

  • Those who are still working, with poor retirement income prospects, but are ready to put some spare time aside to build up a part-time online business ready for when they have no working income. If this is you, you may have very little time to put into building a business, but you may be able to speed up the process by investing a little money in your business.
  • Those who have already retired and suddenly realise they’re living in a financial nightmare, dreading every large bill. If this is you, the fact that you’re not working full-time means that you should be able to spend more time on starting an online business.

I Cannot Help You If…

… you have neither time nor money to invest in starting an online business.

All businesses require some financial input – no magic wands here!

But don’t let the talk of money put you off – I’m not talking the kinds of money you would be looking to spend starting up, say, a small tea-room, or a franchise. Everything I recommend is deliberately affordable.

MUCH of it is actually free, with any upgrades only when (and if) you are to. So for instance, if you’re generating enough income from your blog you might like to invest some of your returns back into an upgrade to make life easier – or you’re perfectly free to withdraw it and use it to enjoy life. That’s your decision.

My Aim…

… is to help people in the two categories above to find the best retirement business opportunities for starting an online business.

If you’re looking to start an online business please follow along, or contacte me. I’ve been in the place you’re in now and fallen into some of the traps that await the unwary.

Let me guide you, and I will save you time, money and stress.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Joy Healey