If you need an extra income for your retirement, affiliate marketing could be for you. But to do it successfully, you need to learn list building.

Otherwise I can almost guarantee that you’ll waste time and money, getting nowhere. Like 97% of newbie online marketers.

Here’s how to improve your chances of success – without paying a penny.

Learn List Building– With Free Clicks

learn list buildingEvery successful online marketer understands that ‘The Money is in the List’– which means that you’re incredibly unlikely to make a sale of any item the very first time a visitor to your website stumbles upon it.

They’ll most likely have doubts and go off on a research fest and forget they ever found you – unless you have captured their details.

Once they are on your own e-mail list, you’ll have the ability to send them additional information related to the item they initially checked, and as you build up the “know like and  trust” aspect of receiving good information from you regularly, in time, that ‘prospective lead’ might become a client– over and over again– always presuming you provide a good product!

The good news is that you don’t have to go to the all the angst of creating your own e-book or course.

Believe me – that’s so hard.

learn list buildingInstead, these are produced for you, within the group. And I’d bet they’re more professionally produced than you would do yourself without spending a ton of money on out-sourcing. (I tried, and my finished result was dreadful – even after weeks of hard work.)

Making a profit promoting someone else’s product or service, for a share of their profits, is known as affiliate marketing – which is the method taught in the free group.

The other core message of the group is that you need to learn list building.

I have been trying to make an income online for several years (mostly blogging), and didn’t start making regular earnings online until I started my own list building.

However it isn’t as simple as the ‘gurus’ and ‘coaches’ attempt to tell you, and so they try to sell you costly training!

Instead, this group offers you free training.

Why? Because they will train you to sell their own products, and share the profits with you. THEN when you have learned the methods, and built your own list, you can choose to promote any product you like, and do it more profitably.

Free Clicks

In Internet Marketing terminology a ‘click’ is a visitor to your offer. And without clicks you will never make a sale. However, the fact that someone clicks on your offer doesn’t mean they buy it.

So it can be an expensive and/or time-consuming business to get enough clicks on your offer to make a sale.

The free list building training that you’ll find in the group includes 100 free clicks so that you can take your first steps to learn list building without the expense of buying website visitors (traffic).

Bringing visitors to your offer is the hardest and most expensive part of Internet Marketing.

This totally free Facebook group will teach you all you have to know — AND they’ll even provide you 100 free clicks to begin building your own list.

Although it’s not guaranteed that you’ll make money on day 1, some people have made good sales from their 100 complimentary clicks.

Whether you make sales on day 1 or not, you will have begun building your e-mail list– the secret to any lucrative online service. And you will have started with totally free ‘Clicks’– visitors to your site.

It’s then up to YOU to add to that list and cultivate them – using the tools and training in the group. Once you have joined the group, go through the free training and start applying it.

Click here for this free training.

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